A Storm In Paradise: Doomed Society Episode 31

I forget what utter tripe I wrote as an intro when I originally posted this back in the prehistoric year of 2011. And yet I still don’t think it has much impact on the world today. I’m just going to sit here and eat my lovely soup, chase away this cold, and make fun of Maoist hardcore bands.

Oh yeah – here’s a tracklisting:

SAHN MARU – new plague
ACCION MUTANTE – black monday (DOOM)
ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM – wings of destruction
REALITY CRISIS – who is your messiah
PROPHECY OF DOOM – calculated mind rape
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL – north of nowhere
WARCOLLAPSE – chemical fog
MISERY – god squad (2011)
MONUMENTS TO RUINS – preserve the innocence
ACTIVE MINDS – one step forward
DAN – christian fantasy land
DIRT – power. greed. glory.
KISMET HC – a storm in paradise
LA FRACTION – bienvenue sur la terre
HARUM SCARUM – earthater (live in Slovenia)
QUESTION – don’t keep faith
AGAINST EMPIRE – deaf leading the blind
AMEBIX – the messenger
AMEBIX – god of the grain

You can download this lump of shit here


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