Morbid Tales (from the vaults): Doomed Society 30 – the Halloween Special!

This is the fabled Halloween edition of the ‘cast. Instead of doing the traditional Halloween routine of playing shitty Misfits (ugh) or psychobilly (double-ugh!) tracks about fucking zombies in a graveyard or whatever (who do those idiots sing about anyway?), I figured the appropriate thing would be to tell horror stories. No, I ain’t talking about mummies or vampires. I mean real horror stories involving Christian fundamentalism, 26 pounds of plutonium getting launched into space, greenwashing, and the destruction of this planet…and all life upon it.
Y’know – happy stuff.

Happy fucking Halloween.

AXEGRINDER – where evil dwells
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL – axis of stupidity
WARCOLLAPSE – blood trade
MISERY – ready aim fire
TOXIC WASTE – religious leader
RUDIMENTARY PENI – army of jesus
HARUM SCARUM – bible belt
ASSEMBLY OF GOD – our holy image
NAKED AGGRESSION – religious lies
NAUSEA – inherit the wastelands
BEHIND ENEMY LINES – rape the planet for all its’ worth
CONTRAVENE – whose home is it?
CRESS – earth
SEDITION – lungs of the earth
APOCALIPSTIX – war in my head
GARMONBOZIA – no free ride
AMEBIX – fallen from grace

Download this shit HERE


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