Spoils of Victory: Doomed Society #29

Here’s another visit to the Doomed Society vaults. I think this one might be from early October, or late September of 2K11. Oh yeah, did I mention that you should all tell your friends about these podcasts?

Here we go:

AMEBIX – spoils of victory
GARMONBOZIA – lost with nothing to find
POLICE BASTARD – born to die
DETESTATION – the inhuman condition
MISERY – today
WOLFPACK – painted for war
ABUSO SONORO – enganados
LOST WORLD – scream all the time
PONTIUS PILATE – fear thy master
DOOM – pro-life control
AGAINST EMPIRE – sword, the whip, and the gun
ISKRA – oka
BURNT CROSS – spectacle of the obscene
CRESS – and still war continues
CONSUME – behind the curtain
RESOLVE – your way
CONFLICT (arizona) – human cargo
SUDDEN IMPACT (canada) – gonzo
REVOLUCION X – i’m making my future with the border patrol

Download this shit here!


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