Purge: Another Episode from the Vaults – Number 28


Here we go with yet another trip down memory lane. Another archived episode of Doomed Society from last year. Nightmarish tunes for nightmarish times. Puuuuuuunk.

Featuring such happy-go-lucky music along the lines of:

STIGMA – think again
KISMET HC – a storm in paradise
MANKIND? – rude awakenings
DIRT – tribal dreams
ANTI SYSTEM – animal
WAKE – predatory greed
WARCOLLAPSE – expendable
ISKRA – thieves of life
AGAINST EMPIRE – imperial domination
AXIOM – a day in the life of…
MISERY – we are man
SDS – warfear
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH – the black hundreds
PROVOKED – final laugh
NAUSEA – godless (live 1991)
RESIST – war on drugs
DEAD SILENCE – rock the vote
APOCALIPSTIX – no control
POTENTIAL THREAT – what’s so great britain
PISSED – purge
CHUMBAWAMBA – hanging on the old barbed wire
AMEBIX – monolith

Fuck shit up HERE



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