Condemned: Doomed Society 27


Oh, wow. Another day, another festering turd of a radio show from the foul year of our lord, 2011.

ANTHRAX – introduction to war
KRONSTADT UPRISING – receiver deceiver
SOFAHEAD – invitation to dinner
WAT TYLER – even great men talk bollocks
HAGAR THE WOMB – idolization
GERM ATTAK – millionaire mayor
IMPERIAL LEATHER – power of blame
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS – burn fucker burn
SPASTIC PANTHERS – panther bomb
PUBLIC NUISANCE – what happened
WAR//PLAGUE – concrete burns
DOOM – financial coup
EXCREMENT OF WAR – shit society
WARTORN – condemned
THE SKUDS – when all else fails
DEVIATED INSTINCT – cancer spreading
BORN DEAD ICONS – monuments
CONTRAVENE – prison sells
MAKILADORAS – veen brand
ISKRA – privileged morality
DETESTATION – gospel fucker
PISSED – derailing the train (live)
CHUMBAWAMBA – passenger list for doomed flight 1721

Check this shit


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