In the Oil Age – Episode 25 Re-Post.. AND we stream a new one tomorrow!


First thing’s first – the latest episode of DOOMED SOCIETY will have it’s debut on the brutal online radio station BRUTAL EXISTENCE RADIO tomorrow (Sunday)! It’ll be streaming at 4pm Eastern Time (north america – not sure about overseas times. check your most trusted time converter), and you can check it out at

I’ll post a downloadable version of the episode later on tomorrow night after it streams. Look for new episodes every week.

And here’s an episode that’s nowhere near new at all!

DREAD MESSIAH – mind insurrection
MORAL HAZARD – the festering
CHUPACABRA – footsteps of the frail
LOST WORLD – media mind control
TYRANT – hungry flames
CONTAGIUM – morbid intentions
MISERY – oil age
SCHIFOSI – vice grip
AMEBIX – progress (live)
AUS-ROTTEN – right wing warfare
DOOM – pro-life control
KEGCHARGE – god bless america
JOBBYKRUST – poisoned from birth
MAKILADORAS – heer en meester
CRESS – and still war continues
SAVIORSELF – enslave and enjoy

Go HERE to download, you fools!


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