The Process of Decay: From the Vaults; Episode 24


First of all, I’m VERY excited about the new episode I have planned for this coming Sunday. It’s one of my better ones, I must say.

But enough of the near future, here’s something from the not-so-distant past!

MISERY – mother nature
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL – lifeless bodies
PROVOKED – prepare for the cold
SACRILEGE – life line
SAVIORSELF – heavy tides
ICONS OF FILTH – evilspeak
AUTONOMIA – radio libre
HEVN – mad surgeon
MANUAL SEVEN – life suppressed
UNAMUSED – volunteer army
VICIOUS IRENE – not yours
THE PROFIT$ – 2x loser
APOCALIPSTIX – the innocent
ABDUCTEE SD – on one hand
VIOLATORS – summer of 81
ABRASIVE WHEELS – vicious circle
CHAOS UK – 4 minute warning
POTENTIAL THREAT – violent uprising
ONE WAY SYSTEM – stab the judge
HIS HERO IS GONE – professional mindfuckers



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