Tales from the Crypt – Episode 20


Here’s an old one for you. I don’t recall the exact date it originally came out, but I imagine it was sometime between 1985 and now. I’m pretty confident of that…

WAR//PLAGUE – how will they reassemble themselves
AGAINST EMPIRE – choose the fight
AMBULANCE – bringing out the dead
TRAGEDY – force of law
PROFIT$ – profit over people (live)
RESTARTS – your world
BLACKOUT – a squad car named desire
DEFIANCE – hands of the few
SPIDER CUNTS – punch you in the neck
PISSED – strength from within (live)
CONFLICT – the ungovernable force
RESIST AND EXIST – discordant symphony
DIRT – listen morons
ANTI PRODUCT – and still we suckle
TOXIC WASTE – traditionally yours
CRASS – chairman of the bored
EXIT STANCE – what hope for the future
LOST CHERREES – why does it have to be a dream
DEAD SILENCE – chain of thought



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