All Things Bright And Beautiful: Doomed Society #45


Sorry I’m a few days late here, folks – turns out my free internet supply dried up, so I’m reduced to a very spotty so-called “connection” at the moment.
Enough of that – we’re in the middle of the work week, and we have a bunch of pretty awesome tunes by a bunch of bands who never went the Scion/Toyota route. Apparently that’s a rare thing these days. If you missed it, I went apeshit on the Twitter and the Facebooks about the whole subject. Long and the short of it is there are some bands who I might have played before on the show who I don’t feel right giving airplay (bandwidth-play? netplay? whatever) to for the forseeable future. That’s all I want to say right now. I don’t hold any personal grudges (I’m not Tim Yohannan, after all!), but I’m disappointed with decisions that have been made.

Right! Anyway – it’s a hot, sweltering July and summer is definitely upon us. Here’s the hottest corner of the hot, hot interwebs. The hottest tunes for even hotter times. Grab a beer or ten, turn the ipod dock up to like twenty (or whatever the highest volume level is – I still don’t know how those fucking things work) and get ready to rock the fuck out.

TRAGEDY – close at hand
WELKIN DUSK – no room for debate
DEVIATED INSTINCT – house of cards (live at MDF, May 2012)
WOLFBRIGADE – road to dreams
SKELPTARSIS – psychotic ambition
SCATHA – black rain
CONSUMPTION – dismantle
CHUPACABRA – set yourself on fire
BREAD AND WATER – will not argue
RUDIMENTARY PENI – nothing but a nightmare
ANTHRAX – all things bright and beautiful
ALTERNATIVE – change it
CHUMBAWAMBA – total control
INSTIGATORS – blood is on your hands
WARTORN – empty handed policies
LA ARMADA – lucha de clases
STATE OF FEAR – roads to destruction
OILTANKER – blight
OMEGA TRIBE – another bloody day 



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