The Move’s Done, Fall’s Here – LET’S GET DRUNK!

…get it? Old Profane Existence reference?

Right. Anyway.

So, in case you didn’t know, I’ve just moved out of my lonely one-bedroom apartment into an old house known as Manic Mansion with some pals. As a result, I’ve been unable to do any new episodes. Cheers to Fowler and the Brutal Existence crew for putting up with me, and for tossing on some old episodes of the show! New episodes will be in effect this week, I promise!


Oh, that? That silly ol’ poster above this line of text? Nothing special. Just the second edition of my DJ night over at Dickens Pub! If you’re in the Calgary area, or know someone out here, encourage them to come support the only punk DJ night in town. Cheap drinks, no cover, and the same shitty tunes I play on this here podcast (but better, because you never hear my voice. Not once!)


In lieu of a new episode, I have another golden shower of old hits! This time, we’re gonna go with Episode 17 from… whenever the hell I recorded it.

Here’s the playlist!

DRESDEN – final hour
3 WAY CUM – pleasure of pain
HELLSHOCK – dead lights
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY – give me gasoline or give me death
VARUKERS – hatred
MEANWHILE – they remain dead
APATIA NO – fronteras
MOURNING AFTER – drowning me
SHITLOADS OF FUCK ALL – a breeder’s nightmare
SPIDER CUNTS – 60 stitches in 6 weeks
MOTHERFUCKERS – god pissed in my beer
ENDROPHOBIA – leave me alone
BLACKOUT – raining fire
DECREPIT – eight hour day
GLOBAL HOLOCAUST – terror cloud
CALLOUSED – mind to waste
ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM – wings of destruction
JELLO BIAFRA AND MOJO NIXON – will the fetus be aborted?



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