System fucked up (and so did I…)

Fuckin’ hell, I apologize profusely.

I intended to have a couple brand new episodes under my belt by now, but for reasons beyond my control, shit just didn’t happen.

Well, in the meantime here’s a moldy oldie.

The glorious turd known as Episode Sixteen, featuring such timeless classics as:

EXIT STANCE – what hope for the future
ARCTIC FLOWERS – technicolor haze
CRASS – smash the mac (live, 1984)
INTERNAL AUTONOMY – sink or swim
UNLEARN – faceless bastards
MEANWHILE – shitflood
BATTLE OF DISARM – disarmament
DISGUST – hope for the hopeless
ANTI-CIMEX – warmachine
ALEHAMMER – negative vibe merchants
DISAGREE – refuse to obey
UNGOVERNMENTAL – the end of supremacy
DOOM – pro-life control
MASSGRAVE – reap what you’ve sown
MOTHERFUCKERS – i’m gonna go postal
RESTARTS – outsider
IMPERIAL LEATHER – dig your own hole
SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS – flatspot hell
DAMAD – kick in the south
MISERY – pain
HIS HERO IS GONE – monuments to thieves

Check this shit here

Oh yeah! And if you’re in the Calgary area on November 5th and need something to do, why not check this out…


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