Hella-Ween is almost here!


…and I didn’t do anything to prepare for it. D’oh! However, you’ll notice that I’m back with all-new episodes. Excellent. You will also notice that starting now, all episodes will be double the length! Yep – two hours of me forcing my terrible taste in music onto your poor bastard ears. You’re welcome.

This week’s episode was a bit of a departure. Not really, but it was the first where I ended up playing an entire album. Of course, the album was SAW THROAT’s Ind$troy LP, which is just a 45 minute long epic song. Still though, where’d the lighter fluid come from?

WORDS THAT BURN – 666 pack
DISAGREE – children abuse
HIATUS – devastation of life
FILTHPACT – technological roots
ENDROPHOBIA – your silence is making me sick
86’D – 86’d
THOUGHT CRIME – whose quality of life
MOTHERFUCKERS – i’m gonna go postal
NIHILIST CUNT – unrealistic dreams
[midwestern minstrels] – home sweet home (NAUSEA)
RESIST – peace in the kingdom
AUS-ROTTEN – plausible deniability
OI POLLOI – they shoot children, don’t they?
HEVN – dig your own grave
CRASS – systematic death
ZOUNDS – great white hunter
OMEGA TRIBE – another bloody day
CHUMBAWAMBA – rich pop stars make good socialists
KARMA SUTRA – masters and slaves
DEVIATED INSTINCT – resurrection encore
HELLBASTARD – massacre
AFTER THE BOMBS – warmonger
SACRILEGE – life line
SAW THROAT – inde$troy
ANTI CIMEX – make my day

Download this fucker HERE

In other news, the next installment of Doomed Society at Dickens Pub in Calgary will be happening next Monday, November 5th. This is a good thing. Drinks are cheap, the venue is huge, and I would love the company! Come down, say hi, listen to my terrible taste in music LIVE and IN PERSON and stuff!



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