War On Wankers – Doomed Society 55


I’ll keep this brief.
Cheers to everyone who made it down to last week’s DJ night. I was skeptical because a bunch of people bailed on it, but there was a really good turnout after all! Next one will be even better!

Today is Sunday, and that means another new episode. Another 2 hours of filthy punk, crust, and other dreck. Downloading is sweet, but listening to it LIVE is even better! Every Sunday at 4pm EST, followed up by The Brothers Grimm, Worst Case Scenario, and Epicus Apocalyptus! 6 hours of pure punk mayhem… you really can’t go wrong. Over at Brutal Existence Radio.

ASSRASH – kings of no future
FLEAS & LICE – amerikkkan dream
APOCALIPSTIX – last exit suicide
THOUGHT CRIME – no more victims
THE PIST – street punk
CALL THE POLICE – fuck the masses
BROTHER INFERIOR – promise keepers
DEAD SILENCE – rock the vote
FRUSTRATION – generation gap
IN DEFENCE – the only good thing about pizza is the crust
KRANG – losing the bigger picture
WARTORN – empty-handed policies
AFTER THE BOMBS – face of brutality
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND – existence declines
MISERY – filth of mankind
GARMONBOZIA – hopes turned black
IOWASKA – mother earth
KARMA SUTRA – the package
SUBMISSION HOLD – hawks, doves, time
SOFAHEAD – invitation to dinner
INTERNAL AUTONOMY – what’s it coming to?
DEAD KENNEDYS – kinky sex (makes the world go ’round)
CRASS – so what
CHUMBAWAMBA – come on baby, let’s do the revolution
KULTURKAMPF – violent pride
OMEGA TRIBE – is this a future?
ANDY T – man’s life
LOST CHERREES – why does it have to be a dream?
ACCION MUTANTE – no religion (DOOM)
CODE 13 – into the whirlwind
HELLBOUND – nightmare
RAT STORM – out of sight, out of mind
BASTARD – defective chain
DYSTOPIA – ruptured silence
GRIEF – isolation
DAMAD – manmade
AUTONOMIA – salud y anarquia

Download here!

See ya next week


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