Olden Days Are Here Again… another blast from the past


Well, tomorrow we get a brand new 2-hour long episode at the usual time at the usual place (4pm EST at Brutal Existence Radio), but I decided to post an oldie just for shitz and giggles.

Here we are, episode 14. Way back in the days of… whenever.

KARMA SUTRA – poll tax
THE MOB – i hear you laughing
DIRT – hiroshima (live 1994)
HAGAR THE WOMB – once proud, now dead
SCHWARTZENEGGAR – the road to hell
KAKISTOCRACY – liberation through consumption
SPITBOY – blue
HARUM SCARUM – you can’t stop me
SIN DIOS – satanismo, hermano del fascismo
CONTRAVENE – stand up and resist
RESOLVE – your way
EXTREME NOISE TERROR – you really make me sick
DEFORMED CONSCIENCE – apathetic lazy bastard
EXCREMENT OF WAR – they call this progress
DESTROY – we’re strong to the finish ‘cos we eats our spinach
LAB RAT – the bloody end
RIOT/CLONE – when’s it gonna stop?
ACTIVE MINDS – welcome to hte slaughterhouse
SKINNY PUPPY – testure

Say yer fackin’ prayers!


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