Repeal the 18th Commandment – Doomed Society #56

I’m writing this as I prepare to go write some songs for an as-yet named apocalyptic crust project. About fucking time!

Right, so when I last came at ya it was with a bit of a teaser for today’s episode. Well, not so much a teaser. More like a fucking fossil of an episode from the year 20whatever.

I recently acquired a USB turntable, so I’m now able to use pieces of my actual record collection to craft the show. Rad! This week is the first time I’ve used it for part of the show, and I’m pretty stoked on that. Especially since I’ve discovered the joy/addiction of Discogs. Yikes.

In other news, I’ve got another DJ night booked at Dickens Pub. This one should be a doozy, as it’s the last one before the apocalypse end of the year. So if you’re in the area, come on down! December 10th at 9pm! You’re no camel… you want beer!

Here’s the shitty filth I played on the show this week:

DRESDEN – extinguish the cross
HELLBASTARD – heading for internal darkness
DYING SEA – lachrymose
WITCH HUNT – sick game
INEPSY – street city kids
WAR//PLAGUE – siege
ISKRA – thieves of life
MISERY – pain
NO EULOGY – freedom & responsibility
AFTER THE BOMBS – condemned
LEGION – tomorrow’s prayer
SMUT – wall of hate
ARCTIC FLOWERS – cri de coeur
GEISTER – transfixed
SUBHUMANS – internal riot
LOST CHERREES – sexism’s sick
ICONS OF FILTH – vivisector
DIRT – seal cull
CONFLICT – whichever way you want it
STATEMENT – meat means murder (CONFLICT)
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS – blinded by science
EXIT STANCE – slaughterhouse
KONTRASEKT – break the chain
KONTRASEKT – we fight
RAPE REVENGE – reject your blood
RAPE REVENGE – long walk home
RAPE REVENGE – stunted
THOUGHT CRIME – celebrate the genocide (DISTRAUGHT)
ASSRASH – helicopter skyline
DEPRIVED – system’s winning
FLEAS & LICE – suicide
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS – punx at the pubs
PIST – destroy society
CHRISTDRIVER – you destroy
PISSHEAD BLUES BAND – cold war generation

Go git to gittin’ her done!

Here’s the poster for the DJ night, by the way:

See ya in hell.



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