Seriously. We Want Beer… Episode 57 Is Here


Here we are, another bloody Sunday filled to the brim with another load of crap excellence.

Not much to report except that the fourth installment of DOOMED SOCIETY at Dickens Pub is going down tomorrow night at 9pm. As usual, if you’re in the downtown Calgary area, you really should make it down. The usual suspect (me) will be there spinning all sorts of the same crap you’d expect from Doomed Society… without the annoying talking throughout. Also: cheap drinks.

Well, what the hell did I play on this week’s episode?

ANTISECT – tortured and abused
NAUSEA – right to live
BLACK KRONSTADT – news to you
DETESTATION – the inhuman condition
BORN DEAD ICONS – monuments
CHUPACABRA – return fire
HIS HERO IS GONE – unvisited grave
PROVOKED – flying monkey
MAN THE CONVEYORS – in the rubble of faith
OILTANKER – the blessed swarm
SCORNED – outrage
SMUT – burden
APPLE – disintegrate the church and state
GEISTER – living lies
BELLICOSE MINDS – tension building
SCHWARTZENEGGAR – rulers of the roost
KARMA SUTRA – goodbye cruel world
PONX ATTAX – ponx vacation
VARIX – lost convictions
IN DEFENCE – LEGOcy of brutality
KONTRASEKT – wasteland
FAVELLA RISING – morte e destrigao
AFTER THE BOMBS – bloody aftermath
ISKRA – a pig in every home
WELKIN DUSK – no room for debate
WAR//PLAGUE – pack of 1000 wolves
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND – two faces of evil
EFFIGY – from hell
VICE SQUAD – stand strong stand proud
PARTISANS – police story
CHAOS UK – victimized
HAPPY BASTARDS – dynamite is a girl’s best friend
APOCALIPSTIX – no control
RELIGIOUS WAR – forced ideals
DRESDEN – shallow grave
AMEBIX – progress
HELLSPAWN – homebrew holocaust
HELLSPAWN – fucking insane
HELLSPAWN – only names

Yep, that says it all, I’d say.

Go get that shit HERE

As usual, listen to this show LIVE every Sunday at 4pm EST.

The end of the world is nigh, so have a pint of your favorite elixir and reflect on the misery of our civilization.


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