X-Mess Holy Daze


Hey folks – I’m sick, groggy, and my vocie is rotten. In other words, I’ll be taking a bit of time off. I should be back with new episodes before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for my Top Shits of 2012 show coming first thing in the new year!

Oh, what the hell – here’s an old one.

BUMBKLAAT – ciegos
SKITSYSTEM – human waste
WAKE – cannibal design
THINK DON’T PRAY – strung up
AMBULANCE – beyond reach
TRAGEDY – the waiting
MISERY – filth of mankind (live)
AFTER THE BOMBS – condemned
MONUMENTS TO RUINS – pillars of bone
DYSTOPIA – control all delete
ISKRA – acceptance not tolerance
APPLE – the observer
ANTHRAX (uk) – exploitation
DANBERT NOBACON – rock n roll holy wars
MDM – big a little a
CHUMBAWAMBA – torturing james hetfield

Go Get It


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