Reflecting On The Past – Episode 58


Hey dinks, it’s time for the first episode of the new year. To celebrate making it through the apocalypse relatively unscathed, I’ve decided to gather up some of my favorite records of 2012 and play a few cuts from them. Of course, since there were a lot of great records this year, not to mention demos and comps, it looks like I’ll have to continue this theme into next week! Oh gee, what a shame.

KICKER – kick off
KICKER – walking headache
KICKER – i think you’re shit
KICKER – innit
KICKER – lager and chips
HELLBASTARD – wolf song/arcadia
DRESDEN – endless discontent
DRESDEN – collateral damage
DRESDEN – closed casket funeral
PLAGUE DOGS – into the fire
PLAGUE DOGS – failure to thrive
PLAGUE DOGS – bastard land
PLAGUE DOGS – ugly as fuck
PLAGUE DOGS – lights out
WAR//PLAGUE – corpse in my mouth
WAR//PLAGUE – crusher
WAR//PLAGUE – pack of 1000 wolves
WAR//PLAGUE – earth & decay
WAR//PLAGUE – the holy blood
RAPE REVENGE – root of apathy
RAPE REVENGE – lawful of shit
RAPE REVENGE – all grown up
RAPE REVENGE – illusion of property
RAPE REVENGE – denounce them
RAPE REVENGE – donor’s list
RAPE REVENGE – herbivore
DEVIATED INSTINCT – blunt instrument
DEVIATED INSTINCT – architect of misery
DEVIATED INSTINCT – thorn in your flesh
DEVIATED INSTINCT – blandscape slavebait
TRAGEDY – no cemetaries here
TRAGEDY – close at hand
TRAGEDY – the grim infinite
TRAGEDY – darker days ahead
ARCTIC FLOWERS – true words
ARCTIC FLOWERS – procession
ARCTIC FLOWERS – strange ports of call
ARCTIC FLOWERS – the sleeping and the dead
ARCTIC FLOWERS – the wrecking
MISERY – progress (FLUX OF PINK INDIANS) [feat. al long]

Enjoy! See ya next week with more hits from 2012.


Oh, and if you can make it – tomorrow night at Dickens Pub here in Calgary is the fifth installment of DOOMED SOCIETY – the DJ Night!



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