Going to Vancouver!

You’re probably used to this… I’ll be unavailable for new shows for the next week (and the week after) because I’ll be in Vancouver and Victoria for a week! Ooh, exciting. I’ll be hanging out with mates, drinking like a fish, and picking up records to play on this here program.

Also, I was featured in local alternative rag FFWD the other week for my Doomed Society DJ nights. For your benefit, I’ll reprint it on this page (also, I’ll fix their spelling of “Amebix”).

Damien Inbred, Host of Doomed Society DJ Night at Dickens Pub

photo by Josh Naud

photo by Josh Naud

Published January 31, 2013  by Drew Anderson in Your Face Here

How long have you been hosting this crust punk DJ night?

My first one was in September. I’ve been planning on doing it for a while

How often do you do it?

Once a month. Usually the first Monday of the month. Sometimes the second Monday.

Why was this something you wanted to do? Obviously you’re a fan of the music.

Yeah, and I’ve always been looking for an excuse to force my music on poor, unsuspecting punters. And it’s always fun to get a bunch of people together to chill out and listen to some loud, aggressive music and to have a few drinks.

Is it mostly people just hanging out? There’s no crazy mosh pits or anything like that?

No, nothing like that. It’s mostly just people chilling, playing some pool, listening to whatever I throw at them.

So, what are you throwing at them?

Mostly crust, anarcho-punk, D-beat, that sort of thing. A whole bunch of other sub, sub, sub genre.

Have you got any favourite bands that you’re spinning right now?

I’ve been spinning a lot of the new Tragedy record, because that’s one of the best records to come out of last year. A lot of Amebix, Misery, actually a lot of Misery. Let’s see, Deviated Instinct, so a bit of a mixture of stuff from the ’80s, ’90s, modern — kind of all over the place.

Are you playing music for people that already like this, or are there a lot of those aforementioned unsuspecting punters?

There’s actually a bit of both. It turns out with mostly just my friends, but there’s been stragglers coming in. It turns out there’s some sort of a dart or pool league featuring middle-aged people, middle-aged gentlemen who seem to congregate there every Monday, so sometimes our nights overlap. Surprisingly there hasn’t been any rioting, or people running away. The last time that overlapped, quite a few of them just ended up doing shots at the bar while I was doing my thing, so that was good.

So you might get some old-timers into this.

Yeah, exactly.

Do you play in a band?

I’m always in the process of starting bands. Due to various circumstances they never work out. I’m actually working on getting a couple of things together over the spring, so hopefully.

You must have a significant record collection. Are you playing records, or is it CDs?

I have quite a significant record collection, which seems to be growing by the day since I discovered Discogs. Unfortunately I don’t have a DJ quality turntable. I just have my little 10-year-old A & B Sound $90 thing. I guess it’s more like 15 years old now. Unfortunately Dickens doesn’t have a proper turntable, so I’ve just been doing CDs, which works for now. I’d like to save up and get some proper decks or just rent some, which I’m probably going to do for March or April.

Pretty good turnouts for this?

It seems to be getting better all the time. It’s nothing mind-blowing, considering how big Dickens is, it doesn’t always seem there’s that many people there. The pool tables are on the other side of the bar and I’m up onstage, so there’s a huge gap between us, I can’t really gauge from where I’m standing. But it seems to be a pretty decent turnout, especially considering it’s winter time and it’s on a Monday when most people can’t go out.

Is it free?

Yeah, it’s free. I don’t really feel justified charging cover just to play records for people.

It’s amazing how many people do that and get away with it.

Yeah, I know. As long as I get a free drink from some people every once in a while, I’m happy.

Bring you a beer is what you’re saying.

Well you don’t have to, but I won’t refuse one.


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