Give Up All Hope! Episode 61 Is Here!

…also, come to my DJ night tomorrow night.


FLOWERS IN THE DUSTBIN: all fool’s day
CHUMBAWAMBA: more whitewashing
KARMA SUTRA: it’s our world too
DECADENT FEW: they shoot children
EXIT-STANCE: the shit still stinks
A FIGHT WITH SLEDGEHAMMERS: dogmatic deception
MURDERESS: no more
SAVIORSELF: rewriting history
AHNA: coroner
CROW: give up all hope
KAKISTOCRACY: economic genocide
RESTARTS: timewaster
VARIX: madness
DISRESPECT: rich kid
MOTHERFUCKERS: bomb the stampede
CHAOS UK: no security
KICKER: innit
NO EULOGY: dogs of the apocalypse
ISKRA: illegal
SWORDWIELDER: fields of genocide
SANCTUM: chaos lord/enslaved
SKELPTARSIS: state of neglect
AGNOSY: nothing’s changed
GARMONBOZIA: lost with nothing to find
KRANG: losing the bigger picture
HIS HERO IS GONE: professional mindfuckers
HEVN: dig your own grave
AFTER THE BOMBS: forward into death
BELGRADO: no answer
DEKODER: anxiety
ALARIC: your god
KILLING JOKE: this world hell
AMEBIX: knights of the black sun
SIN: stress fracture

Go git ‘im!


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