Doomed Society Radio #65


Oh yes, I’m back. Back with a vengeance.
Sorry I was gone for so long, I got busy with work and life and stuff. Lame, but that’s the way of the road, Bubs.

Nothing new to report. I’m very fucking close to making a huge and exciting announcement. Also, Doomed Society will be featured in an upcoming issue of MRR. Not sure exactly when, but you’ll be the first to know!

My DJ nights are on a brief hiatus – the next one will be on July 22nd.

But yeah, I’m back, and you can still check out new and old episodes over at Brutal Existence Radio every Sunday at 4pm EST.

RESTARTS: drone attack
ABRASIVE WHEELS: vicious circle
EXPELLED: dreaming
IMPERIAL LEATHER: power of blame
NIHILIST CUNT: unrealistic dreams
DOOM: sick with society
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: axe to grind (live)
MURDERESS: victimized
FILTHKICK: no going back
EXTREME NOISE TERROR: cruelty to carnivores
INITIAL STATE: abort the soul
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: let’s take the fight to them
DOOM: fahrenheit 451
WARPRAYER: cognitive blindness
STATE FUNERAL: third estate
SILENCE MEANS DEATH: fascists raus
POWER IS POISON: strontfront
DOMESTICS: idiot jamboree
REBEL ARMS: skulls and crosses
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL: winter in my mind
WARTORN: no sanctuary no salvation
CONTORTURE: war within us
CHUPACABRA: deep scars
HELLBOUND: negative outlook
PINK TURDS IN SPACE: no more sectarian shit
NATURECORE: forever bound
NAUSEA: sacrifice
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: depraved new world
AUTONOMIA: bandera negra
CRUCIFIX: capitulation
ASBESTOS: no escape from reality
HELLBASTARD: civilized
DETESTATION: white trash genocide
CONTRAVENE: a world with no future
ATAVISTIC: maelstrom
AFTER THE BOMBS: black horse of famine
IN DEFENCE: call more dudes pt 3 (girls are dudes too!)
RAPE REVENGE: reject your blood
CODE 13: doomed society
HIS HERO IS GONE: anthem of the undesirables
QUESTION: strength in sorrow
BELGRADO: visions of massacre
GEISTER: mind control



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