Updates And Stuff…

Hey all – it seems like I always start these things off with an apology for my lateness and missing episodes. Well this time I have a really good excuse! I was in the hospital for a total of 8.5 days in the middle of the month. It fucking sucked, and I’m still dealing with the fallout from that. On the plus side, I’m getting there… and I’m working feverishly to have a new episode ready to go. Hopefully it’ll be ready by Sunday. And just to be safe, I’m gonna try to have a couple extras on top of that.

This past Monday I did my final DJ night at Dickens. I’m looking for a new, smaller venue to hold a monthly DJ night in. I just couldn’t get enough people out to Dickens, and I felt I was wasting my time and theirs, too. The thing is, Dickens is HUGE. Even at my peak when I was able to get a respectable 30 people out, it still felt incredibly empty in that 200+ capacity place. So yeah, I’m gonna try and find another venue to keep the DJ nights going.
On that note, I’ll be joining my friend Lana over at the Oak Tree Tavern on Friday the 26th (tomorrow!) for her monthly DJ night Modern Kicks (punk, garage, power pop). I’ll be spinning some new and classic international punk, anarcho, UK82, Oi, and other cool stuff. No crust or D-beat this time (well… okay… early Discharge is still obviously a thing. Duh.), but it should still be fun!

The next exciting chapter of Doomed Society is going to be finally announced soon. Some of my closer friends already know what’s up, and they’re stoked. So am I. So are my friends in Victoria.

See ya soon!


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