12 Years Of Hell. Doomed Society Radio.


I’m back, assholes!

Sorry again for the long delay. Life gets in the way sometimes, and then Nine Inch Nails releases a new CD. You know how it goes.

First things first. We have a brand new episode. This year is the 25th anniversary of a little band (no biggie – just one of the most popular bands around the Doomed Society offices) called MISERY. So to celebrate, I put a long set of all Misery tracks. Hope you enjoy.

Here’s the shit I played.

CHAOS UK: what about a future
INEPSY: street city kids
IMPERIAL LEATHER: treat them like dogs
NIHILIST CUNT: relationshits
VICIOUS IRENE: earthlings
THE MOB: dance on (you fool)
KARMA SUTRA: pillow talk
POLITICAL ASYLUM: do they care
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS: they lie we die
THATCHER ON ACID: can we laugh now
OMEGA TRIBE: freedom peace and unity
BAKER ACTED: hours that never add up to comfort
ISKRA: machine infernale
OILTANKER: ends meet
AUTARCH: shepards
RAT STORM: refuse to be silenced
OI POLLOI: doighe eile
CETASCEAN: bled in
HIS HERO IS GONE: head count
DISSENT: inner power
CONTORTURE: sterile world
PROVOKED: dickin’ out
SEITAN: western world society
MISERY: blindead
MISERY: pain
MISERY: born, fed, slaughtered
MISERY: 12 years of hell
MISERY: filth of mankind
MISERY: who’s the fool
MISERY: bottom of the bottle
MISERY: autonomy
MISERY: midnight
ANTISCHISM: a factory
AUS-ROTTEN: sexist appeal
SERVITUDE: complacency
STATE OF FEAR: nothing but shit
LOST WORLD: they don’t care
NEGATIVE STANCE: cerci’s servants
RAPE REVENGE: car ride with a vivisection intern

Download me here.

Right! Okay! Next up.

All We Know Records from Floriduh have put out an incredible compilation to benefit the Earth First! Journal. Here’s some info on this amazing comp:


Earth First! Has Released a Punk Compilation Benefit Album

Celebrating 34 years in print and direct action, the Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical direct action environmental movement. Punk is an artistic movement founded in the same era on the principles of resistance and, as a culture, continues to boldly challenge a destructive system. The EF!J collective presents this compilation of punk bands that share a no-compromise attitude towards defense of the living world, in order to draw these two powerful forms of communication together. All profits from the  album’s sales go to Earth First! Media projects, organizing expenses, and legal funds.

The compilation comes with a book featuring exclusive interviews between band members, heads of punk labels like Will Butler from To Live a Lie, and a former Earth First! Journal co-editor and contributor, MJ. This album was released through All We Know Records, an independent DIY label out of Miami, FL.

This limited-edition press of only 1,000 copies are each hand-numbered, and they’re going fast!

Track Listing

1. Masakari – XVI. Rapid Dominance
2. Autarkeia – Saving Seeds
3. Baker Acted – Hours That Never Add Up to Comfort
4. Oiltanker – Ends Meet
5. Recreant – Burn
6. Gattaca – Sešli Jsme z Cesty
7. ACXDC – Crux
8. Autarch – Shepherds
9. Landbridge – Manufacturing Greed
10. Closet Burner – Apathy
11. Torch Runner – Feeding
12. Deathrats – Crutch
13. Breag Naofa – II.
14. Black Hole of Calcutta – Cirrhosis
15. Cloud Rat – 6 Mile
16. Iskra – Machine Infernale
17. Sin Orden – Tierra Indigena
18. Oi Polloi – Doigh Eile
19. Adelit@s – Contra el Olvido
20. Rat Storm – Refuse to Be Silenced
21. Beartrap – Human Factory Farm
22. Cizaña – Bosque
23. Agathocles – It Is What It Is
24. Shadow Of The Destroyer-Dark Days
25. Appalachian Terror Unit – We Will Continue to Break the Law and Destroy Property Until We Win

To Order
Earth First! Journal
PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460

For more information, contact
Ashley: allweknowrecs@gmail.com
Molly Jane: mollyjane@earthfirstjournal.org

I have a limited number of copies available to purchase as well. Email me at my personal email address for more info, if you’re interested! damien.inbred@gmail.com

One last thing – if you didn’t know, I’ve been interviewed for the October issue of Maximum RocknRoll.  That’s pretty sweet. You should buy it, then let me know how it turned out. I still haven’t received my subscription copy.

The label is starting up soon. Very soon. I’m going to be co-releasing the next ISKRA LP with Black Raven Records and a few European labels. More details to come.


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