Blood Red Sky: Episode Seventy(!!)


Hey, pals!

Sorry for the usual delay and all. Long story short, the living situation is somewhat unstable. And since I do these ‘casts from home, that makes the podcast situation somewhat unstable as well.Well, somehow we eventually made it to 70 episodes! If I had been more disciplined and on the ball about things, I could have made it to at least double that. But oh well! I prefer to work at my own pace, ya dig?

With that said, let me tell you what I played this week:

DOG ON A ROPE: tubeway army
86’d: void
DISRESPECT: widowmaker
CITIZEN FISH: next big thing
ENDROPHOBIA: your silence is making me sick
HELLBASTARD: death camp
HELLKRUSHER: ethnic cleansing
AUS-ROTTEN: the second rape
PIST: dead in its tracks
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: her body her decision
CRIMINAL DAMAGE: locked on repeat
KNUCKLEHEAD: right cross
THE OPPRESSED: nazi skinhead
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS: if i were you i’d kill myself
FEED THEM FUCKING GLASS: good luck get fucked
DEADLY REIGN: employment of slaves
COELACANTH: in the ashes
LOST WORLD: theatre of fear
PROVOKED: flying monkey
KEGCHARGE: god where are you
TRAUMA: human wreckage
TRAGEDY: rabid panic
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: triumph of evil
SEVERED HEAD OF STATE: blood of vengeance
MURDERESS: drown out all
MISERY: all of us (alternate version)
GARMONBOZIA: sick of this
ISKRA: traume
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: apathy and fear
DRESDEN: blood red sky
DETESTATION: gospel fucker
SPINEWRENCH: soulscrape
13: hollow
BLYTH POWER: bricklayer’s arms
BLYTH POWER: hurling time

And you can download it HERE, if you want.

You’ll notice that there’s a cute little graphic at the top of this post. That is the design I came up with for the first run of patches and stickers I hope to have out in the near future. I’ve also got a design for some beer koozies, but I’m gonna tweak it a bit before I post it here (it’s on the Doomed Society facebook page, though).

Oh yeah, and I’m gonna be at the Varning From Montreal Fest in November. If you see me, please come say hi. Let’s drink and eat too much glutenous veg food. It’ll be a laugh.


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