And Now… Back to Our Programming! Episode 71


Nothing like a stern-looking navy dog to brighten your Sunday evening.

Here we are, the 71st episode of my shitty little podcast. Crawling ever-so slowly to the big 100 (which, let’s be honest – won’t happen until probably 2016 at this rate). It’s still kind of weird to think that I’ve stuck to this thing for like 4 years now. Oh well. Fuck it. Age, man.This week I went a bit thematic in parts. An antifa set, an animal rights set, and a celebration of split records.  The rest, of course is the same jambled mess that you’ve come to know and loathe. Huzzah. All bound together with the twine that is my stupid monotone voice.

NEEDLES: you’re dead
ANTISCHISM: a factory
ILEGAL: bastardos
STATE OF FEAR: god forsaken
CHUPACABRA: set yourself on fire
GARMONBOZIA: powerless in my faith
TRAGEDY: incendiary
ISKRA: thieves of life
HIS HERO IS GONE: professional mindfuckers
INITIAL STATE: begin to breathe
LAST LEGION ALIVE: glorious dead
HELLSTORM: protect and respect
SEDITION: no poll tax
PINK TURDS IN SPACE: no more sectarian shit
DISCLOSE: just another warsystem
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: blood and dishonor
THE OPPRESSED: nazi nightmare
STREET TROOPERS: don’t let them win
STAGE BOTTLES: dead but not forgiven
KNUCKLEHEAD: jacob burke
MDC: nazis shouldn’t drive
LOS FASTIDIOS: antifa hooligans
AGAINST EMPIRE: stop the torture
BURNT CROSS: smash the labs
ENDROPHOBIA: who cares
POTENTIAL THREAT: animal abuse
RAPE REVENGE: car ride with a vivisection intern
SWALLOWING SHIT: i heard songs about animal rights aren’t cool anymore
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: shocked, shackled and hanged
AUTONOMIA: bandera negra
SMUT: wall of hate
PREYING HANDS: prefabricated passions
RESIST: history 101
DEPRIVED: calculated casualties
DISRESPECT: reagan’s ghost
AUS-ROTTEN: …and now back to our programming
L7: just like me
RESIST: united states of apathy

HERE ya go!

I’m gonna be at the Varning fest in Montreal in November, and you should be too. Come down, have a drink with me, and let’s go get some vegan poutine or something and then rock the fuck out like mad maniacs. Pretty sweet deal, no?

I’m going to be hosting a couple of benefit gigs to fund the first release or two, because life often gets in the way of plans and schemes. More details and posters will be posted here and throughout the city, and all over the series of tubes we call the internet.

And I’m out for now! See ya next time!


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