Fucking Scum: Doomed Society 79


Hey, shitheads! What’s happening?

I’ve got another bunch of shitty tunes to ruin your day with…. including a new segment I like to call “Evolution”, where I show the evolution of a band’s sound over the years. This week I’m starting with Aus-Rotten.

PUSSY RIOT: putin lights up the fires
ADELIT@S: inocentes
RESIST AND EXIST: assimilation
POTENTIAL THREAT: this isn’t punk
HUMAN INVESTMENT: capital punishment
ANOTHER DESTRUCTIVE SYSTEM: get active/break the silence
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: her body, her decision
BREAD AND WATER: no compromise
SIN DIOS: radical
BROTHER INFERIOR: conquest of history
DETESTATION: a is for…
AUS-ROTTEN: getting to me
AUS-ROTTEN: they ignore peaceful protest
AUS-ROTTEN: vietnam is back
AUS-ROTTEN: the crucifix and the flag
AUS-ROTTEN: the promise keepers
AUS-ROTTEN: the second rape
NU-KLE-ER BLAST SUNTAN: personal hell
LIFE CHAIN: out of sight
RAW WAR: patriot bastard
WARCRY: countdown to hell
KEGCHARGE: sound the charge
TRUNCHEONS: blow it all to hell
ISKRA: a pig in every home
AGAINST EMPIRE: imperial domination
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: triumph of evil
WOLFBRIGADE: from beyond
SCHIFOSI: drowning in the aftermath
AFTER THE BOMBS: condemned
KICKER: walking headache
BEYOND PINK: neanderthal dream
CRIMINAL DAMAGE: no solution
INEPSY: bombshell rock
MOTHERFUCKERS: let’s talk about turkey
MENSTRUAL TRAMPS: i gave my punk jacket (MARY MONDAY)
LAB RAT: abandon all hope
RAPE REVENGE: car ride with a vivisection intern
LUNG CANCER: so-called science
HIS HERO IS GONE: sound the alarm
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL: new world order
SWALLOWING SHIT: if they hated me, they will hate you

You can download it HERE


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