Record Updates, And Shirts ‘n Patches Are Coming

Hey kids!

First off, we have received news that the Cetascean/Ahna split is on track to be ready by mid-March, just in time for their tour! Excellent. Cover art will be ready to show off very soon. Again, this is a multi-label project, showing the true meaning of community. If you missed it, the other labels involved include Profane Existence, Mercy Of Slumber, Phobia, What Is Making Us Sick, and Neanderthal Stench.

And in other news, I’m excited to announce that shirts and patches are in the works, and should be in Doomed Society HQ by the end of the month. Tiemen in Victoria is printing them up this week.

Here’s the shirt:


And the patch is gonna look like:


Once they’re in, I’ll be setting up a webstore or something. If you live in Calgary, you can look for us selling this shit at shows around town.

As you were.


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