Another Dead Asshole: Doomed Society 84


All sorts of great news around here at the Doomed Society compound!

First and foremost, we’ve been celebrating the death of homophobic/anti-Semitic waste of human flesh Fred Phelps! Yes, that’s right – the God Hates F*gs guy is dead as a doornail, just another rotting maggot-infested corpse. How can we not celebrate?! Grab a bevvie of your choice, and hoist one in celebration!

Next up, the AHNA/CETASCEAN split LP is out now! I’m setting up a webstore this weekend, so keep an eye out for that. Shirts should hopefully be in soon, as well.

Okay, so with that all in mind, here’s what I forced you to listen to this week!

LIMP WRIST: this ain’t no cross on my hand
LIMP WRIST: does your daddy know
ADELIT@S: contra el olvido
BEYOND PINK: harassed
RAPE REVENGE: i’m so gay
RAT STORM: identity
AHNA: death sentence
CHUPACABRA: quarantine
HIS HERO IS GONE: monuments to thieves
GARMONBOIA: lost with nothing to find
NUX VOMICA: counting the rings on a tree recently felled
G-ANX: clouds of cancer
WARTORN: kevorkian has a cure
STATE OF FEAR: age old farce
EXTREME NOISE TERROR: knee deep in shit
HELLBOUND: poison mask
SCORNED: how can you sleep
DETESTATION: blood of the gods
HELLSHOCK: ghost of the past
COELACANTH: someday we all die
AFTER THE BOMBS: bloody aftermath
ABRASIVE WHEELS; criminal youth
VICE SQUAD: coward
EXPELLED: blown away
BLITZ: someone’s gonna die
PARTISANS: police story
DEMOB: no room for you
CHAOS UK: 4 minute warning
MOTHERFUCKERS: can’t relate
86’d: black label blackout
VAIN COLLAPSE: the grind
KICKER: insufficient funds
KNUCKLEHEAD: voice among us
NEW MODEL ARMY: the hunt
1981: from the cradle to the grave
THE WIPERS: doom town
ARCTIC FLOWERS: the sleeping & the dead
CHARLIE AND THE BHOYS: give ireland back to the irish


Tell yer friends!

Oh yeah, one last thing. I’m gonna be in Orange County for the OC Cruststock Part Deux. I might have my recorder on hand

The Doomed Society webstore is now active.


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