By A Thread: Doomed Society 86


Eh up, ya fucks! I’m back at you with yet another new episode of pure chaos, filth, pain, and destruction (although not necessarily in that order).

Not a whole lot new around Doomed Society HQ. I got to hear a preview of the new WAR//PLAGUE record, and I’ll by hyping that on their behalf when the time is right. Um, other than that… spring is finally here. To celebrate the arrival of spring, here’s an episode full of happiness, sunshine and lollipops.

Lollipops such as…

BORN DEAD: endless war
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: american made death squad
WITCH HUNT: by a thread
HARUM SCARUM: mental health
ANTI PRODUCT: and still we suckle
RESIST: burial ground
MONUMENTS TO RUINS: preserve the innocence
MISERY: who’s the fool
PISSED: sunrise in the west
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: the nightmare seconds
DETESTATION: circle the wagons
CONTRAVENE: inhumane cage
DEPRIVED: down with your prejudice
CONFLICT: i’ve had enough
MDC: multi-death corporations
NATURECORE: in terms of survival
BITCH FIGHT: on and on
VOMIT LAUNCH: life sucks
BLYTH POWER: hurling time
DOG FACED HERMANS: mary houdini
CHUMBAWAMBA: a song on the times
SUBMISSION HOLD: tuesday evening at the dinner table
KARMA SUTRA: pillow talk
TOTAL WAR: slow death
NO STATIK: end of time
QUESTION: identity
ORDEN MUNDIAL: generacion criminal
GUTTER: fixed solutions
GR’UPS: yer a job
BLATZ: california
ASTRID OTO: d.i.y.
SPIDER CUNTS: 60 stitches in 6 weeks
D & V: new beginning
FACTION: blinded by the dark
SUBHUMANS: nothing i can do
KULTURKAMPF: general instigators
A-HEADS: love or pain
CRASS: don’t get caught
GBH: city baby attacked by rats
JAMIE KILSTEIN: white people ruin everything

Go Git’ er done-diddly done


2 thoughts on “By A Thread: Doomed Society 86

    • Jamie is an atheist. Therefore he doesn’t promote *any* religion.
      He just doesn’t think that Muslims and Arabs should be targeted on the basis of their religion. He’s not shitty enough to equate extremists and moderate followers.

      By the way, there are a lot of Muslim feminists out there. Do some research.

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