Cycle Of Violence: Doomed Society 95


Oh, hello there!
Sorry I haven’t been around. I almost burned out for a bit there, but I overcame that. Long story.

Anyway! I’m back, and getting set to work on some new projects. The Iskra LP is further along, which rules. Next up, a Motherfuckers reissue and a Feed Them Fucking Glass record. Oh, and a killer Calgary punk comp in the new year. I’m actually thinking of setting up an IndieGoGo campaign to help get the next bunch of releases off the ground. I’ll post more details when I have them…

But here’s why I’m here today: the latest episode of this shitty podcast!

BEHIND ENEMY LINES: cycle of violence
WAR//PLAGUE: siege
OI POLLOI: they shoot children, don’t they
NIKMAT OLALIM: selective blindness
DIR YASSIN: independence day
DIR YASSIN: ink stains across the border
DIR YASSIN: slandering campaign
NEKHEI NAATZA: it’s good to die for our country
ZIPLOCK: neighborhood threat
RIOT PORN: plastic island
KILLER OF SHEEP: killer of sheep
THIS IS BRAINWASH: big brother
BRUISE VIOLET: gender fkrs
STORM OF SEDITION: prisoners of industry
SACRILEGE: dig your own grave
HELLBASTARD: death camp
DEVIATED INSTINCT: through the looking glass
AXEGRINDER: grind the enemy
AMEBIX: progress
NAUSEA: godless
ISKRA: aegis of the victor
BIO CRISIS: immortales
BLUDGEONED: vivisect
HELLSHOCK: the darkness will endure
MISERY: who’s the fool…
WORDS THAT BURN: the art of theft
CAUSTIC CHRIST: satisfied means pacified
RAPID LOSS: self-inflicted
AGAINST EMPIRE: dawn of the century
BEYOND PINK: statement on statements
NUNHEX: poison society
CONFLICT: you cannot win
CONFLICT: the ungovernable farce
CONFLICT: a piss in the ocean
CONFLICT: c.r.a.s.s.
CONFLICT: custom rock
CONFLICT: 1986, the battle continues
FREEBASE: the ungovernable force
DOGSHIT SANDWICH: a piss in the ocean
FLEAS & LICE: suicide
SPIDER CUNTS: boys with morals
RESTARTS: bullycide
BANNER OF HOPE: wrench in the machine
KICKER: two hats
DEPRIVED: down with your prejudice
AUS-ROTTEN: the system works…for them
AUS-ROTTEN: the battlefield’s still red



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