Not For Us: Doomed Society 97


Oh, hi there!
Here we are with another week and another new episode of a shitty podcast.
We’re getting ever-closer to the big 100th episode, but I can talk about that another time.
I just received word that the ISKRA LP is in the mastering stages right now, so hopefully I’ll have copies within the next month or two. You’ll find out when I do.
In other news, I’m building up the distro as we speak. Lots of cool shit, which will be available at shows around Calgary, and online if yer lucky. New and exciting projects are in the works – work is starting on the MOTHERFUCKERS reissue, and I’m starting to harass bands for the Calgary scene comp. And I’d like to get the FEED THEM FUCKING GLASS 7″ out soon too.

There, we’re all caught up on the stuff I’m at liberty to yap about. Here’s the trashy tunes I forced upon you today.

RESOLVE: break free
AUKTION: burning police cars
PROVOKED: faces of shame
SYSTEMATIK: self destruct
ENDROPHOBIA: what have you waited for
KISMET HC: hierarchy
.FUCKINGCOM: hesitation
RAT STORM: echoes
BROTHER INFERIOR: conquest of history
HIS HERO IS GONE: under watchful eyes
LOS CRUDOS: migra violencia
TOTAL WAR: mind destruct
LIFE CHAIN: recipe for disaster
DISCARD: death from above
DISCLOSE: visions of chaos
DECONTROL: burning hell
ABSOLUT: neo fuckers
MISERY: we want you down
CORRODEAD: photophobia
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL: lifeless bodies
AGAINST EMPIRE: reflections
WARTORN: unfinished blueprint
WAR//PLAGUE: the accursed throne
UNCURBED: a hell on earth (DISCHARGE)
TOTALITAR: born to die in the gutter (DISCHARGE)
AVSKUM: you take part in creating this system (DISCHARGE)
ENS: fight back (DISCHARGE)
PERUKERS: protest and survive (DISCHARGE)
MEANWHILE: always restrictions (DISCHARGE)
ANTISECT: the buck stops here
AMEBIX: spoils of victory
AXEGRINDER: the final war
NAUSEA: sacrifice
HELLBASTARD: heading for internal darkness
HARUM SCARUM: blistering shock
BALLAST: the stand off
HIS IRO IS GONE: people’s attention
UNAMUSED: volunteer army
RESIST: red, white, and blue
WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET?: oi is a way of life for punks
MOTHERFUCKERS: anarchy in the girls room
BANNER OF HOPE: cheers and beers
WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES: music for the people
ANTI-PRODUCT: which herd needs thinning
MANKIND?: whose life

Get it HERE

Oh, and if you want to hear the noise that I’ve been coming up with lately, here’s the band I rant and rave in:



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