The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


Oh my god. We made it.

Who would have thought that we’d end up still going strong after almost five years and a hundred episodes?

Here’s a statement I wrote on my Facebook page. I thought it might be worth reprinting here.
“In honour of the huge changes going on at Profane Existence Official, Doomed Society’s 100th episode will be dedicated to 25 years of Profane Existence records! Eight years ago, I started writing reviews for PE magazine. Seven years ago, I started writing a column. Almost five years ago, Daniel Siskind kindly let me start hosting an hour-long podcast on the PE website, as part of the PE Radio family. If it wasn’t for Dan, Jeremy, and the PE family, there would be no Doomed Society. Who would have thought that Doomed Society would have become a mammoth of a two-hour show, let alone a DIY rekkid label of its own? So cheers to Dan Siskind, Ben Crew (Seth Goldberg), Jeremy Stinkbot, Chris Atu, and Josh Lent for everything you’ve done for punk and PE in the past, and for what’s coming up!

Much love,
Damien Inbred”

Here’s what we had on the Profane Extravaganza:

SOFA HEAD: valium housewife
DOOM: police bastard
NAUSEA: inherit the wasteland
ATAVISTIC: forward motion
MORAL SUCKLING: silence = death
SMUT: wall of hate
HIATUS: entombed universe
PISSED: strength from within
DEPRIVED: free enterprise
CHRONIC DISEASE: more important
NEGATIVE STANCE: cerci’s servants
RESIST: self-made tomb
MISERY: fear to change
DEAD SILENCE: rock the vote
STATE OF FEAR: bloodthirsty system
FLEAS & LICE: squat eurodisney
ASSRASH: kings of no future
CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE: working class ass
DEFIANCE: fight the real enemy
THE SYSTEM: prisoner of conscience
SERVITUDE: complacency
LOST WORLD: theater of fear
DETESTATION: blood of the gods
DISRESPECT: reagan’s ghost
GARMONBOZIA: hopes turned black
ISKRA: acceptance not tolerance
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: apathy and fear
WITCH HUNT: by a thread
BALLAST: bridge
PROVOKED: night of the livid punks
VISIONS OF WAR: i love drink and roll
THOUGHT CRIME: all landlords are scum
MIGRA VIOLENTA: religiones dan morte
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: as fascism takes roots
WARCOLLAPSE: secticide
WARTORN: weight of the world
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: the end of complacency
AMEBIX: knights of the black sun
RAT STORM: monuments

And here it is!

Thank you for all of your support over the last 100 episodes, and here’s to a hundred more. Cheers!


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