Doomed Society 102: The One Dedicated to UK Anarchopunk of Yore


Hey nerds, long time no see!

For my long-awaited return to the fold, I put together a collection of the finest classic UK anarchopunk. From the well-loved to the obscure. I’m pretty proud of this one, even though my voice is totally shot.

OMEGA TRIBE: another bloody day
CORPSE: mind games
ANARKA & POPPY: p.o.p.p.i.e.s.
HAGAR THE WOMB: armchair observer
ZOUNDS: can’t cheat karma
NAKED: one step forward
A-HEADS: forgotten hero
ALTERNATIVE: seen through tear-filled eyes
VIRUS: death after life
THE SYSTEM: prisoner of conscience
ICONS OF FILTH: show us you care
EXIT STANCE: the shit still stinks
SINYX: the plague
POLEMIC: deceptive ideals
URBAN DECAY: severalls
POLITICAL ASYLUM: disarm or die
SUBHUMANS: zyklon b movie
CONFLICT: this is the A.L.F.
DIRT: slaughterhouse rock
LIBERTY: suffer no more
POISON GIRLS: the offending article
LIVING LEGENDS: island wars
EPILEPTICS: what have you got to smile about
KARMA SUTRA: indifference kills
DAN: my spirit my hope
CHUMBAWAMBA: mr haseltine meets his public
D&V: new beginning
DEAD TO THE WORLD: action man
CRASS: rival tribal rebel revel
HONEY BANE: girl on the run
THE MOB: no doves fly here
THE SNIPERS: the parents of god
FLUX OF PINK INDIANS: tube disasters
RUDIMENTARY PENI: army of jesus
THE MOB: rise up!
HAGAR THE WOMB: distant war
VIRUS: fallacy

Here it is.


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