Doomed Society 104. Finally.


Yeah, I’ve been slacking again. Sorry.

Well, I’m back now. Better late than never!

ISKRA: predator drone mq-1
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: holocaust rehearsals
WAR//PLAGUE: phlegm
TRAGEDY: close at hand
HELLSHOCK: night terrors
DETESTATION: gospel fucker
DREAD MESSIAH: mind insurrection
FINAL WARNING: eyes of a child
LOST WORLD: anti-productive
POLICE BASTARD: brought to our knees
FRUSTRATION: generation gap
WARCRY: drone
NO SIR, I WON’T: bring the boys back
ADELITAS: la carcel
THE SYSTEM: prisoner of conscience
HARUM SCARUM: earth hater
SUBMISSION HOLD: declaration of war
MOTHERFUCKERS: ordinary people
HARD SKIN: two bob cunt
ZEX: screaming at the wall
HOMEWREKERS: waiting for the end
KNUCKLEHEAD: bodies at midnight
IMPERIAL LEATHER: something out of nothing
AGNOSY: dreams fade away
MISERY: reign of terror
NAUSEA: battened
SACRILEGE: out of sight out of mind
EXTINCTION OF MANKIND: two faces of evil
HELLBASTARD: civilized
LIBERTY: the people who care are angry
LOST CHERREES: unwanted children
FLOWERS IN THE DUSTBIN: november’s song
KARMA SUTRA: intelligent life
THE MOB: never understood
CHUMBAWAMBA: more whitewashing
REPETITIONS: take control back

Go get it, tiger


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