Onslaught Of War: Doomed Society 105


Motherfuckers test presses are on the way.

And I have a new episode for you.

Oh! And did you notice the web address has changed?! Update your bookmarks: http://www.doomedsocietypunx.com

WARCRY: force feed
DEFIANCE: no time
DETESTATION: circle the wagons
CRIMINAL DAMAGE: no solution
OLD CITY: sword of justice
ISKRA: kronstadt
RAW WAR: aftermath
NO EULOGY: cracking mirrors
LEPER: subvert
STORM OF SEDITION: prisoners of industry
BLACK KRONSTADT: all cyst’ms down
WAR//PLAGUE: just a punk song
RIFLE DIET: evil men’s deeds
PROVOKED: prepare for the cold
MISERY: armageddon
VARIX: keeping in mind
QUESTION: moving forward
TRUNCHEONS: onslaught of war
BALLAST: imagine
BORN DEAD ICONS: land hunger
INEPSY: street city kids
RIOT PORN: the valley
AFTER THE BOMBS: bloody aftermath
KICKER: insufficient funds
STORMCROW: enslaved in darkness
DYSTOPIA: taste your own medicine
SPITBOY: motivated by fear
BLATZ: berkeley is my baby…
FILTH: night of rage
BEHIND ENEMY LINES: advancing the cause
WRATHCOBRA: shed no tears
CRUCIAL UNIT: crucial unit’s friendship picnic
CAUSTIC CHRIST: satisfied means pacified
KILLER OF SHEEP: lose control
AUS-ROTTEN: isolation or solution
SKABIIS: deadbolt
CHUPACABRA: return fire
RAPE REVENGE: root of apathy
PMMA: overdose
KNUCKLEHEAD: loggerheads
NO SIR I WON’T: the third world



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