The Dead Awake: Doomed Society #106


Forgot about me, didn’t you?

That’s okay, I forgot about myself too.

Well, nothing much to report around here. Finally got my shit together and put out an episode. Um, the MOTHERFUCKERS LP has been delayed by a few months thanks to Record Store Day-related backlogs at the pressing plants. I guess that limited edition 311 7″ was a heavy priority for the record-collecting masses.

Ah hell, here’s a new episode.

RIFLE DIET: hung between
AGNOSY: eternal winter
TO WHAT END?: stolen grace
TRAGEDY: you are an experiment
MONUMENTS TO RUINS: preserve the innocence
HIS HERO IS GONE: what goes up
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: officer down/warehousing prisoners
ISKRA: aegis of the victor
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH: a wormwood star
SKELPTARSIS: psychotic ambition
THE DAGDA: under the wire
WARTORN: all flags still burn
STATE OF FEAR: consumption
STORM OF SEDITION: prisons of industry
DISRUPT: corrupt regime
CETASCEAN: bled in
REACT: left for dead
HELLSHOCK: world darkness
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL: lifeless bodies
WAR//PLAGUE: blood
PUTREFACTION: mouth of the furnace
KRANG: to thine own self
DEVIATED INSTINCT: architect of misery
A-HEADS: love or pain
THE MOB: stay
THE SYSTEM: we’re still struggling
LOST CHERREES: nervous breakdown
KULTURKAMPF: the dead awake
CONFLICT: countdown to confrontation
CONFLICT: let the battle commence
CONFLICT: i heard a rumour
CONFLICT: barricades not broken dreams
CONFLICT: do you get the picture
CONFLICT: radio trash
CONFLICT: the final conflict
NO SIR I WON’T: radio shit



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