Kleister from Skuld Releases: Rest In Punk

Just heard this yesterday.
I’ve never had the privilege of meeting the man, as we were a continent apart. However, the impact he had on me as a young punk is hard to calculate. Kleister and Skuld released some of the most important records throughout the ’90s and post-millennium era. It’s weird to think that we as a scene are going to have to go on without his influence anymore. There is a huge space to fill now. My condolences to his family and friends.

Rest in Punk.

From Ruin Nation Records:

Dear Friends and Comrades… I am very sad to say that Oliver “Kleister” Schmid of SKULD RELEASES lost his life last Saturday 30th of May due to an unconceivable horrible accident while being out in the field.

This is a tremendous loss to all of us and we try dealing with the shock. We will explain much more when time is right but for now we’re too devastated.

Please understand that all SKULD transactions are on hold until further notice. Mailorder transaction will slow down as well as we have to sort out the situation and future of our operation. If you recently placed an order, wait for a shipment, owe money, expect money … we will, sort things out.

Kleister was a stalwart & important figure of the worldwide DIY anarcho punk scene, but most importantly to me is that he was my best friend for almost two decades. Kleister is to be survived by both his Parents and his 11 year old daughter Annalena & his partner Verena.

Rest in Happiness Brother.


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