New War//Plague LP in the works (and updates on the 2015 Doomed Society releases)


Oh! Hey there, kids.
Been a while.

Before anything else, I want to update you on the Doomed Society releases we have pending.

The brand new ISKRA LP has finally been released, after a series of unfortunate events. Everyone was hoping to have it ready by the time the band embarked on their Western Canadian tour with Appalachian Terror Unit. However, the records ended up not arriving until the last day of the tour. This is due to one of the labels falling short of their promised financial obligations for the record in time. As a result, Chris from Profane had to pay out of pocket, and we all had to incur a much higher shipping rate to get the band’s copies rushed to Winnipeg. The rest of the records were shipped to Victoria. Doomed Society will be getting our copies by next week.

Next up, the long-awaited MOTHERFUCKERS reissue LP. This has been at the press since late February, and I just received word the other day that the vinyl is ready. The jackets are still in the works, so I’m hoping to get these by the end of the month. You’ll be the first to know.

And now, the exciting announcement. Back in May, Andy Lefton handed me a CDR containing material for a brand new WAR//PLAGUE LP. And so, this still unnamed record is going to be the fourth release on Doomed Society Records. I’m very excited to be putting this together alongside Profane Existence, Mankind Disaster, and ???. The question marks mean that we’re looking for another label or two to help put this out! If you’re interested, please get in touch with me!

Other exciting announcements are in the works, but I don’t want to shoot my mouth off just yet.


PS: new podcasts will return sooner than later.


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