“Doomed Society Radio: Redux” now available to download!

What up, nerds?
If you didn’t know already, Doomed Society Radio has partnered up with Ash Fault Radio from Toronto. We unleashed our latest show last week, and it seems that some of you enjoyed it. Aw, thanks.

Here’s the bloody filth I force-fed you this time around:

LONG KNIFE: bastards of bedlam
CLITERATI: make america hate again
HEAVY HANDS: class act
ENEMIES: enemies
PMS 84: zero tolerance
WAR//PLAGUE: crucible
HUMAN HOST BODY: feral supremacy
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: banners over the wasteland
AFTER THE BOMBS: black horse of famine
LAST KASTE: subvert
GAASP: no progress
LIFE CHAIN: media frenzy
PHOZGENE: kill the void
DEAD CULT: removing tongues
SILENCE: not a hero
ARCTIC FLOWERS: rats in walls
SPECTRES: figures in the sand
CRIMSON SCARLET: two kinds of red
BISHOPS GREEN: vengeance

Go ahead and download it HERE


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