Doomed Society Redux: Episode two – Let’s Bring The Fight To Them!

What up, pals? Another week, another episode of the podcast! This episode is dedicated to the street-level resistance against the fascist creep at home and abroad. Smash the fash! Be sure to check out the

other killer shows and interviews over at ASH FAULT RADIO!

Here’s the shit I forced upon you this time around:

EXIT ORDER: mass panic
ROTTEN UK: slipping into darkness
GREEN BERET: nothing for you
TERMINAL CONQUEST: plague of allegiance
PANDEMIX: faultless
OI POLLOI: the face
DEFIANCE: kill the bastards
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: let’s take the fight to them
AUS-ROTTEN: absent minded
DETESTATION: white trash genocide
LOS FASTIDIOS: s.h.a.r.p.
STREET TROOPERS: don’t let them win
THE OPPRESSED: i don’t wanna
THE PRESS: revolution now!
PISSED: derailing the train
DEPRIVED: down with your prejudice
CONTRAVENE: blue by day, white by night
NAUSEA: smash racism
DISAFFECT: narrow minded bigots
COCK SPARRER: one by one

Download Here


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