Doomed Society started out in late 2009 as a podcast that was published through Profane Existence Records. When their webserver crashed, I was forced to look for a new host. In 2012 I eventually hooked up with Brutal Existence Radio, and was given an hour slot every Sunday at 4pm Eastern Time. Then it became two hours And here we are today!

In 2014, Doomed Society expanded beyond the podcast project. Despite it still being a one-dude operation, I decided to put more things on my plate. Most importantly, the label. We started releasing records in 2014, and have worked on roughly one project per year (or whenever we can afford it). The most recent release on Doomed Society is the “Carrion” LP by Minneapolis mad heads WAR//PLAGUE. Next up is a cassette compilation and zine to benefit the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. More info on that to come soon…

When the time and opportunity come up, Doomed Society also books the occasional gig here in Calgary. Looking for a show? Get in touch.

What else is in the works? Aside from trying to start a band or two, we’re going to try and prove that print ain’t dead with the launch of Doomed Society magazine. As with all of the other Doomed Society projects, this is going to start small, and grow organically. Punk, politics, and rage in print form. Bringing back the spirit of 1996!

As I said to Leffer the other day… it’s time to buck the trendy shit, and bring back the good old ’90s ethics.

So, that’s it for now. More fun projects and details to come….


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