Anarchist Black Cross compilation update!

Work is progressing rapidly on the Anarchist Black Cross Federation cassette!

First off, here’s the cover:


The tape will not only have a sweet cover, it’s also going to include an in-depth zine with all sorts of sweet content (as the kids are saying these days). Continue reading


Doomed Society 76 – Nothing But A Nightmare


Well, unfortunately Todd couldn’t be here with us this evening. Continue reading

Help Jack Control Out!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Jack Control (Enormous Door Mastering, World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State, etc) was recently in a very bad auto accident. He’s alright, but now he is facing some very intense medical bills. (The American way, innit)

If you have a bit of extra cash laying around, please consider donating it to him so that he doesn’t have to sell parts of his business to pay for hospital bills and shit.

There’s a Fundrazr page HERE where you can donate.

Jack said he’s not comfortable “sticking his hand out”, to which I replied that we (da punx) are a community, and we help each other out. Let’s show him that this is true.