Doomed Society Records


In case you didn’t know, the other main component of Doomed Society is the record label!

You know the drill: DIY punk, no racist/sexist/homophobic/oppressive bullshit. I really enjoy working with my friends’ bands, and while the majority of releases are gonna be in the crust and anarchopunk vein, I will throw in a few curve balls. My tastes are varied, and I wanna put out records that I wanna listen to!

We’re always looking for other cool DIY punk labels to co-release with, so if you have a project you need another label to be involved with (or if you want to help us out with a co-release), please get in touch!

DOOM001: Ahna/Cetascean split 12″
Sheer audio brutality. Vancouver’s sludge-violence/death metal/brutality masters AHNA team up with Winnipeg’s finest crusties Cetascean for an incredible split. This is the first Doomed Society release, and I’m so proud to have been involved!  This is a collaborative release with Profane Existence, Mercy Of Slumber, Phobia Recs, Neanderthal, and What Is Making Us Sick.

DOOM002: ISKRA “Ruins” LP.
The third full-length by the now-legendary anarchist black metal masters from Victoria, BC. Iskra have been around since 2002, and have never sounded as strong as they do on this new full-length. The most intensely, explicitly anarchist metal band I have ever heard. It’s no wonder that they are considered one of the best bands in both the crust-punk and extreme metal genres. This is the record that I started Doomed Society Records for. I’m completely honored to be part of this. This is a collaborative release with Profane Existence, Black Raven Records, War On Music, and Echoes From Beneath. OUT NOW!

DOOM003: Motherfuckers “Classless Society” reissue 12″.
Calgary’s own “Thinking man’s drunk punk” band put this out way back in 2004 on CD, and now I’m reissuing it on vinyl. Dan Izzo wanted me to put out a 10″ picture disc, but that would have alienated more people than not. So it’s a 45rpm 12″. On randomly-coloured vinyl. Cuz the kids are into that sort of thing. *This has been delayed indefinitely*
DOOM004: War//Plague “Carrion” LP
Eight releases in, War//Plague are back with their second full-length, “Carrion”. Nine crushing songs of protest, rage, and resistance in the classic Minneapolis style. Classic crust in a modern vein, with an emphasis on substance before trendiness. Out Now!


DOOM005: Paroxysm S/T 12″
Featuring former members of ISKRA, ELEUTHEROS, and SELF-RULE, Edmonton’s PAROXYSM have a long pedigree of anarchist punk experience under their belts. After being blown away by their demo tape and by seeing them live in Edmonton this past spring, I was thrilled to be offered the chance to co-release their first vinyl release! Proving once again that Edmonton is Alberta’s capital of anarchist punk. OUT SOON!

DOOM006: V/A “…But Not Forgotten” Anarchist Black Cross benefit compilation cassette
In the works as we speak, this is an international compilation cassette featuring artists from across the board. All proceeds from this tape will go towards the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. More info soon. Out In Winter

DOOM007: SKRUTINY cassette
The debut from the latest Twin Cities “supergroup!”. Featuring members of ASSRASH, MISERY, BLACKOUT, among others. A very dark and focused style found here on their debut. SKRUTINY have been around for a few years now, and we’re very excited to be part of their cassette release! OUT SOON


One thought on “Doomed Society Records

  1. hey….its scratch from politikill …wanna help us put out a split release with opposition rising in advance of them coming to canada in the early summer ?

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