Facades: Doomed Society (Redux) vol. 3

Eh up, nerds!
Here we are back at it again with a brain-spanking new episode of Doomed Society Radio (Redux)! Continue reading


Dogs Of Society: Doomed Society #69


I’m here, reporting for duty. Continue reading

Doomed Society Radio #65


Oh yes, I’m back. Back with a vengeance. Continue reading

Olden Days… Episode 11 is Back



It’s mid-week, and I didn’t have a new one ready for you last week. So out of boredom and the love of gifting my “fans”, I’ve reached into the vaults and came across the ancient episode known as EPISODE ELEVEN. From back in the Profane Existence days.

HERE ya go!

2000 DIRTY SQUATTERS – marching for gold
HIS IRO IS GONE – people’s attention
OI POLLOI – scum
PONTIUS PILATE – ever-changing lie
MANKIND? – deceitful vows
HAGAR THE WOMB – armchair observer
DOG FACED HERMANS – balloon girl
BLYTH POWER – bricklayers arms
SUBMISSION HOLD – tuesday evening at the dinner table
LARD – hellfudge
ARCTIC FLOWERS – neon tombs
AMEBIX – coming home
BORN DEAD ICONS – great western mistake
HARUM SCARUM – outlets for aggression
SPASTIC PANTHERS – outta control
SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS – vomit up yer paranoia
PUBLIC NUISANCE – mad swiller
ABRASIVE WHEELS – burn ’em down

The Process of Decay: From the Vaults; Episode 24


First of all, I’m VERY excited about the new episode I have planned for this coming Sunday. It’s one of my better ones, I must say.

But enough of the near future, here’s something from the not-so-distant past!

MISERY – mother nature
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL – lifeless bodies
PROVOKED – prepare for the cold
SACRILEGE – life line
SAVIORSELF – heavy tides
ICONS OF FILTH – evilspeak
AUTONOMIA – radio libre
HEVN – mad surgeon
MANUAL SEVEN – life suppressed
UNAMUSED – volunteer army
VICIOUS IRENE – not yours
THE PROFIT$ – 2x loser
APOCALIPSTIX – the innocent
ABDUCTEE SD – on one hand
VIOLATORS – summer of 81
ABRASIVE WHEELS – vicious circle
CHAOS UK – 4 minute warning
POTENTIAL THREAT – violent uprising
ONE WAY SYSTEM – stab the judge
HIS HERO IS GONE – professional mindfuckers