Doomed Society 92


How do I follow up what I consider one of the best episodes of Doomed Society? Continue reading


Imprisoned: Doomed Society 77

A new year, a new beginning, a new you! Let’s all choke on our positivity and resolutions, and come to terms with the fact that this planet and everyone on it is completely doomed unless drastic changes happen RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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And Now… Back to Our Programming! Episode 71


Nothing like a stern-looking navy dog to brighten your Sunday evening.

Here we are, the 71st episode of my shitty little podcast. Crawling ever-so slowly to the big 100 (which, let’s be honest – won’t happen until probably 2016 at this rate). It’s still kind of weird to think that I’ve stuck to this thing for like 4 years now. Oh well. Fuck it. Age, man. Continue reading

12 Years Of Hell. Doomed Society Radio.


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Last Supper: Episode Ten


Hey kids, sorry it’s been such a long time. Internet connection around this place is pretty spotty at best. I have a kick-ass Thatcher-themed episode all recorded and ready to go, but it looks like it won’t be online until after Sunday. Fuck. Sorry.

In the meantime, here’s another moldy oldie, going back to the Profane days.

WAKE – defiler
SKITSYSTEM – stigmata
FEAR OF TOMORROW – death comes crashing
RAT STORM – no silence
MAD DOGS – venganza de los malnacidos
BORN DEAD – sirens (CRESS)
BURNT CROSS – smother earth
BLACK KRONSTADT – last supper
INSURGENCE – hawk & the dove
MISANTHROPIC – fuck your aryan roots
LOST WORLD – apart
WARCRY – countdown to hell
VIVD SEKT – captive
RUDIMENTARY PENI – blissful myth
BLYTH POWER – bind their kings in chains

Get it!

Anarchy and Violence – Lucky Number 13


Oh, hey. Here’s another old one for your consumption. There’s an all-new one coming up on Sunday, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Where The Hell Have I Been?! (also: a blast from the past)


Hey folks, sorry I haven’t been here for a while. I’m in the midst of moving, which has been eating up my time (as has work). On the plus side, I’ll be paying way less rent to live with a few assorted scumbags/good-hearted folks. On the downside, I have to fucking move and pack and all of that crap. Continue reading