Gasping For Breath – Doomed Society 85


Ahoy there, fuckos.

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Walking Death: Doomed Society 82


Hey fuckos!

Check it – it’s a pretty good one this week, if I may say so myself.
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There’s Nothing You’ve Got I Want: Doomed Society #74



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Dinosaurs, The Gospel, Doomed Society #66


Well, it’s that time again… Time to put on your thinkin’ caps, get out yer books of psalms, put on yer favorite punk podcast, and get on yer knees and start prayin’ for the salvation of this foul nation.

Or… like… whatever.

Fuck it.

I’m on the road, having a vacation with my dad right now. But before I left, I pre-recorded an episode or two of this shitty podcast, and here’s one of ’em! Other than that, I don’t have anything to report other than the usual teasers about “huge news coming soon”.

Yeah, I’ve got some huge news regarding this silly Doomed Society plague coming soon. I’ll announce shit in the next month or two. As soon as shit is super-sorted.

ALARIC: alone
SPINEWRENCH: smokescreen
KILLING JOKE: the great cull
CRESS: progress
SIN: crown of thorns
ANTI SYSTEM: animal welfare
SELF RULE: seal song
DYING SEA: lachrymose
CONFLICT: this is the ALF
NAUSEA: electrodes
DISAFFECT: humane humans
HELLBASTARD: nazis killed
HELLBASTARD: sons of bitches
AMEBIX: spoils of victory
AMEBIX: here come the wolf
RUBELLA BALLET: slant and slide
RUBELLA BALLET: ballet dance
KICKER: insufficient funds
POTENTIAL THREAT: the ultimate obscenity
SADO-NATION: we’re not equal
THE PIST: black and blue collar
AUS-ROTTEN: right wing warfare
APOCALIPSTIX: the innocent
BLACK KRONSTADT: arms change hands
THE SKUDS: just the facts
ISKRA: prisoners of conscience

Go download it, ya bastards

Seriously. We Want Beer… Episode 57 Is Here


Here we are, another bloody Sunday filled to the brim with another load of crap excellence.

Not much to report except that the fourth installment of DOOMED SOCIETY at Dickens Pub is going down tomorrow night at 9pm. As usual, if you’re in the downtown Calgary area, you really should make it down. The usual suspect (me) will be there spinning all sorts of the same crap you’d expect from Doomed Society… without the annoying talking throughout. Also: cheap drinks.

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Anarchy and Violence – Lucky Number 13


Oh, hey. Here’s another old one for your consumption. There’s an all-new one coming up on Sunday, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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War On Wankers – Doomed Society 55


I’ll keep this brief.
Cheers to everyone who made it down to last week’s DJ night. I was skeptical because a bunch of people bailed on it, but there was a really good turnout after all! Next one will be even better!

Today is Sunday, and that means another new episode. Another 2 hours of filthy punk, crust, and other dreck. Downloading is sweet, but listening to it LIVE is even better! Every Sunday at 4pm EST, followed up by The Brothers Grimm, Worst Case Scenario, and Epicus Apocalyptus! 6 hours of pure punk mayhem… you really can’t go wrong. Over at Brutal Existence Radio. Continue reading