The First Nine!


Hey! I have some lame shit going on at the homestead, so I didn’t have time or patience to record a new show for this week (or last week. Sorry.), so I decided to just give you the first nine episodes I ever did in the history of ever. Ever. EVER.

I lost the track-listings for these shows years ago. D’oh.

But yeah, without further ado… going straight back to 2009 and 2010, I present Doomed Society Radio: The First Nine











Enjoy! See you next week, assholes!


Last Supper: Episode Ten


Hey kids, sorry it’s been such a long time. Internet connection around this place is pretty spotty at best. I have a kick-ass Thatcher-themed episode all recorded and ready to go, but it looks like it won’t be online until after Sunday. Fuck. Sorry.

In the meantime, here’s another moldy oldie, going back to the Profane days.

WAKE – defiler
SKITSYSTEM – stigmata
FEAR OF TOMORROW – death comes crashing
RAT STORM – no silence
MAD DOGS – venganza de los malnacidos
BORN DEAD – sirens (CRESS)
BURNT CROSS – smother earth
BLACK KRONSTADT – last supper
INSURGENCE – hawk & the dove
MISANTHROPIC – fuck your aryan roots
LOST WORLD – apart
WARCRY – countdown to hell
VIVD SEKT – captive
RUDIMENTARY PENI – blissful myth
BLYTH POWER – bind their kings in chains

Get it!

Olden Days… Episode 11 is Back



It’s mid-week, and I didn’t have a new one ready for you last week. So out of boredom and the love of gifting my “fans”, I’ve reached into the vaults and came across the ancient episode known as EPISODE ELEVEN. From back in the Profane Existence days.

HERE ya go!

2000 DIRTY SQUATTERS – marching for gold
HIS IRO IS GONE – people’s attention
OI POLLOI – scum
PONTIUS PILATE – ever-changing lie
MANKIND? – deceitful vows
HAGAR THE WOMB – armchair observer
DOG FACED HERMANS – balloon girl
BLYTH POWER – bricklayers arms
SUBMISSION HOLD – tuesday evening at the dinner table
LARD – hellfudge
ARCTIC FLOWERS – neon tombs
AMEBIX – coming home
BORN DEAD ICONS – great western mistake
HARUM SCARUM – outlets for aggression
SPASTIC PANTHERS – outta control
SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS – vomit up yer paranoia
PUBLIC NUISANCE – mad swiller
ABRASIVE WHEELS – burn ’em down

X-Mess Holy Daze


Hey folks – I’m sick, groggy, and my vocie is rotten. In other words, I’ll be taking a bit of time off. I should be back with new episodes before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for my Top Shits of 2012 show coming first thing in the new year!

Oh, what the hell – here’s an old one. Continue reading

Anarchy and Violence – Lucky Number 13


Oh, hey. Here’s another old one for your consumption. There’s an all-new one coming up on Sunday, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Or whatever. Continue reading

Olden Days Are Here Again… another blast from the past


Well, tomorrow we get a brand new 2-hour long episode at the usual time at the usual place (4pm EST at Brutal Existence Radio), but I decided to post an oldie just for shitz and giggles.

Here we are, episode 14. Way back in the days of… whenever. Continue reading

Back In The Day… (in which I post an ancient episode for your consumption)

Yeah, that’s the jist of it.

Here’s episode 15, ya dicks!

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