Doomed Society #91


Sorry to the three of you who listen to the show for not being around for the last couple of weeks. I was away in California, doing that punk-rock thing. You know – drinking too much and watching bands, and buying too many records. Continue reading


Gasping For Breath – Doomed Society 85


Ahoy there, fuckos.

Sorry to the three of you who were sad that there was no episode last week. Continue reading

The Move’s Done, Fall’s Here – LET’S GET DRUNK!

…get it? Old Profane Existence reference?

Right. Anyway.

So, in case you didn’t know, I’ve just moved out of my lonely one-bedroom apartment into an old house known as Manic Mansion with some pals. As a result, I’ve been unable to do any new episodes. Cheers to Fowler and the Brutal Existence crew for putting up with me, and for tossing on some old episodes of the show! New episodes will be in effect this week, I promise! Continue reading

Tales from the Crypt – Episode 20


Here’s an old one for you. I don’t recall the exact date it originally came out, but I imagine it was sometime between 1985 and now. I’m pretty confident of that…

WAR//PLAGUE – how will they reassemble themselves
AGAINST EMPIRE – choose the fight
AMBULANCE – bringing out the dead
TRAGEDY – force of law
PROFIT$ – profit over people (live)
RESTARTS – your world
BLACKOUT – a squad car named desire
DEFIANCE – hands of the few
SPIDER CUNTS – punch you in the neck
PISSED – strength from within (live)
CONFLICT – the ungovernable force
RESIST AND EXIST – discordant symphony
DIRT – listen morons
ANTI PRODUCT – and still we suckle
TOXIC WASTE – traditionally yours
CRASS – chairman of the bored
EXIT STANCE – what hope for the future
LOST CHERREES – why does it have to be a dream
DEAD SILENCE – chain of thought