Doomed Society Redux: Episode two – Let’s Bring The Fight To Them!

What up, pals? Another week, another episode of the podcast! This episode is dedicated to the street-level resistance against the fascist creep at home and abroad. Smash the fash! Be sure to check out the

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By A Thread: Doomed Society 86


Eh up, ya fucks! I’m back at you with yet another new episode of pure chaos, filth, pain, and destruction (although not necessarily in that order). Continue reading

Walking Death: Doomed Society 82


Hey fuckos!

Check it – it’s a pretty good one this week, if I may say so myself.
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Doomed Society Radio #65


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Black Sunday – Doomed Society #62


It’s been a hell of a week (or two), both around the Doomed Society offices and in the real world. So let me just rant about a couple of things before we get going.

First of all, one of Canada’s most famous suit-and-tie fascists, Nazi lawyer Doug Christie finally did us all a favor and kicked the bucket. While the mainstream media whitewashes him into a fucking “free speech hero”, the radical left and antifascists across the country are doing the right thing and exposing what he actually stood for.

Of course, with the good comes the truly fucking horrific. We were all reminded that rape culture exists (as though women would ever forget such a thing) when the Stuebenville OH rape verdict came in, and the Twitterverse/cable news exploded in victim-blaming, rapist-coddling (“these two had such bright futures! Poor widdle boys”), and straight-up misogyny. No surprise, sadly, but still – fucking disgusting on every level. There’s an excellent episode of Citizen Radio dedicated to this case, using both humor and scathing feminist criticism to dissect rape culture. Please go listen to it here.

And then, of course, was the holiday where North Americans like to bastardize Irish culture and drink until they vomit green beer. Forgetting, of course, that St Patrick was the asshole who spread Christianity into Ireland by conquering and violating the pagans and indigenous people who lived there previously. And in an ironic twist, the beer company most associated with St Patrick’s Day (and North Americans’ perception of Ireland in general) is one of the most rabidly anti-Irish companies in Europe! Ba-zing! [Seriously – Guinness, fuck off] As always, I avoided the bars and just listened to anti-imperialist Irish tunes all day (and inserted some at the tail end of this week’s program!)

Okay! That was a bit more than I was expecting to get off my chest. I meant to tackle each of these in this week’s podcast, but since I had to redo the spoken bits due to last week’s connectivity snafu, I didn’t have the time or space. So I used this blog. Right here. Right now.

In case you forgot or didn’t care, I’m still looking for some badass designs for an upcoming Doomed Society shirt. Whoever comes up with the best design will get a couple shirts, plus other fun stuff I have lying around. I’ll announce a proper “contest” thing with “deadlines” and “suggested regulations” or whatever shortly. In the meantime, shoot me an e-mail at for more info.

OKAY! Here’s the shitty tunes I played this week!

AVSKUM: fight back racism
AUS-ROTTEN: fuck nazi sympathy
DEFORMED CONSCIENCE: closet fascists
CONTRAVENE: blue by day, white by night
OI POLLOI: nazi scum
CHUMBAWAMBA: the day the nazi died
RIFLE DIET: black & broken
VARIX: keeping in mind
DEFCON ZERO: st pauli anti-nazi
BROTHER INFERIOR: chivalry’s dead
BORN DEAD ICONS: idle will
ABC DIABOLO: go round in pacifist circles
SPITBOY: motivated by fear
ECONOCHRIST: fuck your american dream
MORAL SUCKLING: one less lie
SOFAHEAD: invitation to dinner
COUNTERBLAST: in league with baldrick
13: black sunday
CHRISTDRIVER: you destroy
DYSTOPIA: green destroyed
STATE OF THE UNION: like a thousand suns
COELACANTH: you deny
AFTER THE BOMBS: warmonger
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT: shocked, shackled, and hanged
ISKRA: kronstadt (2012 version)
AGAINST EMPIRE: industrial collapse
SACRILEGE: out of sight, out of mind
AXIOM: a day in the life of
CHUPACABRA: threadbare
CONTORTURE: war within us
MASSKONTROLL: winds of genocide
STATE OF FEAR: god-forsaken
SPINEWRENCH: lie batter
SPINEWRENCH: fleshstorm
BARLEYCORN: men behind the wire
DIARMUID O’NEILL: barry’s column

You can download the fucker HERE

Before I go, I also want to plug one of my new favorite podcasts, Citizen Radio. Lefty politics, humor, jiu-jitsu, and cats. Need I say more? Admittedly, they’re not as radical as I would prefer (hosts Allison and Jamie are definitely more liberal than state-smashy), but they are the best types of liberals I can think of… namely, they criticize mainstream liberal bullshit as much as they lay ruin to the right wing pseudo-fascism of mainstream North America. Plus, they’re super funny and swear even more than I do!

My next DJ night is April 8th at Dickens. And don’t forget to listen to this show live every Sunday at 4pm EST on Brutal Existence Radio

Olden Days Are Here Again… another blast from the past


Well, tomorrow we get a brand new 2-hour long episode at the usual time at the usual place (4pm EST at Brutal Existence Radio), but I decided to post an oldie just for shitz and giggles.

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Everythang’s Corrupt… Everythang’s Fucked Up


Right! This is a fairly big week over here at the Doomed Society compound (er, my bedroom at Manic Mansion).
First up at bat, it’s Sunday. And you know what that means! Yep, a brand-spankin, dink-punchin’ new episode of my so-called radio show went live on Brutal Existence Radio (dot-com!) earlier this afternoon. Now that sufficient time has passed, it’s time to give you the goods if you so desire. If you missed it, or if you want to listen to my terrible taste in music/beautiful talking voice over and over again, you can download the episode now! (Link after the tracklist, as per usual). Special bonus – you can hear me laughably try and pronounce Gaelic words with no frame of reference! Woo! Continue reading