Night Terrors: Doomed Society Radio (redux) Episodes 4 and 5


Sorry for the radio silence for the last li’l while!
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Doomed Society Redux: Episode two – Let’s Bring The Fight To Them!

What up, pals? Another week, another episode of the podcast! This episode is dedicated to the street-level resistance against the fascist creep at home and abroad. Smash the fash! Be sure to check out the

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Onslaught Of War: Doomed Society 105


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The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


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Nation On Fire: Doomed Society 83


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An Old Turd: The Pre-Apocalypse Edition of Doomed Society!


Hiya, folks! Sorry about the lack of a new episode last weekend. I thought I sent it to the Brutal Existence folks, but I was wrong, apparently. Too bad, ‘cuz I had a really good one lined up… I promise. Oh well, this weekend for sure. (Remember – Sunday afternoon at 4pm EST!)

Well, to tide us all over until the miracle of the new episode occurs, here’s an ancient one that dates back to the days when that insane radio reverend predicted the Rapture in the next week, or whatever. I was pretty stoked when he was proven wrong again and again.

Here’s EPISODE NINETEEN for you nostalgia buffs.

Here’s what I played:

DEFIANCE – fodder
AUS ROTTEN – xenophobia
LOST WORLD – quietus
RESIST – all wrong
LIVING LEGENDS – island wars
THATCHER ON ACID – our gods are falling down
EXIT STANCE – christian militia
CHUMBAWAMBA – unilever
A TOUCH OF HYSTERIA – the rulers
DRESDEN – welcome to hell
CONTRAVENE – whose nature is it
MUTINY (canada) – killing ourselves
SCHIFOSI – post-genocidal syndrome
CHUPACABRA – deep scars
DISORDER – suicide children
FRAMTID – overpopulation
GLOOM – absurd system
LEBENDEN TOTEN – shock treatment
SHADOW OF FEAR – never to return
BEHIND ENEMY LINES – self-inflicted extinction

Just one more thing...

Just one more thing…

I’ve designed a poster that can easily be resized and turned into small handbills. It’s just me promoting this shitty program. If you’d be so kind as to print the fucker out and post ’em in your favorite rekkid shops, cafes, infoshops, etc then I will be your best friend. If you want, take a photo of where you posted it and I’ll feature ’em on this page! How exciting!

Here’s the flyer:


Tales from the Crypt – Episode 20


Here’s an old one for you. I don’t recall the exact date it originally came out, but I imagine it was sometime between 1985 and now. I’m pretty confident of that…

WAR//PLAGUE – how will they reassemble themselves
AGAINST EMPIRE – choose the fight
AMBULANCE – bringing out the dead
TRAGEDY – force of law
PROFIT$ – profit over people (live)
RESTARTS – your world
BLACKOUT – a squad car named desire
DEFIANCE – hands of the few
SPIDER CUNTS – punch you in the neck
PISSED – strength from within (live)
CONFLICT – the ungovernable force
RESIST AND EXIST – discordant symphony
DIRT – listen morons
ANTI PRODUCT – and still we suckle
TOXIC WASTE – traditionally yours
CRASS – chairman of the bored
EXIT STANCE – what hope for the future
LOST CHERREES – why does it have to be a dream
DEAD SILENCE – chain of thought